Experts and European Ombudsmen, gathered by the Catalan Ombudsman, discuss in Barcelona the cost of energy and consumer protection



The engineer specialized in renewable energy, Pep Salas, approaches the system of implementation of smart meters

Organized in the framework of the NEON network of ombudsmen, the conference was attended by European Ombudsmen expert in this field

Among the attendees, there were representatives of the suppliers and the Third Sector (non-profit social organizations)

The Ombudsman of Catalonia and NEON (European Network of EnergyOmbudsmen) have organized for June 16 a working session, firstly, about the cost of energy and protection vulnerable consumers and, secondly, about the introduction of smart meters. 

The event brought together key players in the sector at European level, such as the energy ombudsmen from France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland or the United Kingdom. They agree on the fact that access to ombudsmen and alternative dispute resolution systems must be encouraged and they intend to achieve this target despite the difficulties resulting from the European directive, which does not mention the institution of ombudsman as a figure of reference in this regard. 

"Vulnerable consumers, social tariffs, minimum European standards, winter moratorium, guaranteed disconnection, consumer protection." Under this heading, the researcher Naomi Creutzfeldt has approached the measures that should be taken to protect vulnerable consumers. 

Pep Salas Prat, engineer and specialist in renewable energy and electricity networks, has approached in his speech the cost of energy tariffs, taxes, smart meters, billing and transparency. The interventions of the European ombudsmen have been useful to compare systems of smart meters implementation in several countries. 

The representatives of the suppliers in Catalonia and the Third Sector organizations also attended the conference, in which was also discussed the clean energy package, presented by the European Commission in November 2016. This project includes as one of its cornerstones providing a fair deal for consumers. 

It has also been dealt a framework document for a national pact for the energy transition in Catalonia, approved recently by the Government of Catalonia.